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Surveying Computations Assignment Help, Surveying computations are the basic and important parts of land surveying. The computations must be done extremely carefully and precisely. Surveying without calculations is a complete waste of time, effort, and money.

In surveying, there are many different kinds of computations in different steps: North Point Computation (NPC), Baseline Grazing Distances Computation (BDGDC), Radial Baseline Computation (RBC), Transverse Baseline Computation (TBC), Azimuth Angle Computation, and the Flag station computational procedure are just some of the common procedures in Land surveying.

As a beginner or new surveyor, you may think that these computations are too complicated for you to understand. But don’t worry! I will show you in this article how to solve these complicated surveying computations.

The first step is very simple: basic knowledge of algebra and arithmetic computation. Some people may think that it is a waste of time since they are not going to do the job for real, but actually it is a must-learn skill. In surveying computations, the common way to solve is by using triangles or Pythagorean Theorem. To get a more complete understanding of basic knowledge about algebra and arithmetic computation, you can use any math book in your local library or search for it on the internet. It may take some time but it will be worth it.

I recommend you to use any basic textbook for arithmetic computation and algebra. It may be helpful if you have some knowledge of trigonometry since we use some trigonometric functions such as sine, cosine and tangent in our computations. The next step is to know the surveying formulas.

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Examples of Surveying Computation Questions

  1. Define the following levelling terms: (a) Vertical control (b) elevation, and (c) vertical datum.
  2. How far will a horizontal line depart from the Earth’s surface in 2 km? 6km? 10 km? (Apply both curvature and refraction).
  3. Visit the website of the National Geodetic Survey at , and obtain a data sheet description of a benchmark in your local area.
  4. Create a plot of curvature and refraction corrections for sight lines going from 0ft to 5000 ft in 500-ft increments.
  5. By the rule of thumb, what is the estimated uncertainity in 870,684 ft2 if the estimate error in the coordinates was + 0.2 ft?
  6. Compute the area enclosed within polygon ABDFGA of figure 12.1 using triangles.
  7. A steel tape with a cross sectional area of 0.04 cm2 and weighing 1 kg has a length of 30.01 m between the zero and the 30m marks, when supported throughout at 200C and subject to a tension of 6 kg. This tape is used to measure a distance along a uniform 5% grade and is supported throughout during the measurement. The tension applied is 14 kg. The temperature of the tape is 50C. The measured slope distance is recorded as 345m. What is the corrected horizontal distance? (K = 1.15 x 10-5 /0C per m and E = 2.1 x x106 kg/cm2)
  8. A 100 ft steel tape standardized at 68 °F and supported throughout under a tension of 10 lbs was found to be 100.2 ft long. The tape had a cross sectional area of 0.009 in2 and a weight of 0.03 lb/ft. The tape is used to measure a horizontal distance (AB) and the measured length comes out to be 300 ft. CALTRANS plans a new ramp to connect Nutwood with US57. The ramp starts from point A (on Nutwood) to C (on US57) wherein point C will be vertically above point B (a current point on Nutwood that will get buried by ramp). The must have a smooth 4% grade, thus the tape will be used fully supported. Determine the correct slope distance to be measured (i.e. length AC) if a pull of 15 lbs is used and the temperature is 96 °F.
  9. Express the value or answer in powers of 10 to the correct number of significant figures: (a) 363.25 (b) 1200 (c) square of 363.25
  10. Convert the angles of a triangle to radians and show a computational check: 39041’54”,  91030’16” and 48047’50” 82017’43”, 29005’54” and 68036’23”
  11. Why should a number 2 pencil not be used in field notekeeping?
  12. Explain why one number should not be superimposed over another or the lines of sketches.
  13. Explain why data should always be centered directly into the field book at the time measurements are made, rather than on scrap paper for neat transfer to the field book later.
  14. Why should the field notes show the precision of the measurements?
  15. When should sketches be made instead of just recording data?
  16. Justify the requirements to list in a field book the makes and serial numbers of all instruments used on a survey.
  17. Discuss the advantages of survey controllers that can communicate with several different types of instruments.
  18. What are the dangers involved in using a survey controller?

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