Conclusion Sentence Starters

Have you ever read an interesting story or essay only for it to end abruptly? You are left wondering, “Is that it?” That’s all? “That’s how it ends?” Without a conclusion sentence starter, your reader can’t tell when and how your thoughts end. You owe your readers a clear indication that you are wrapping up, are drawing to a close, or you’ve said everything you wanted to say.

But what is a conclusion sentence starter? In this post, we’ll discuss what conclusion sentence starters are and how to write good ones that leave your readers impressed. Keep reading to learn the art of writing compelling conclusion starters for essays, dissertations, research papers, and other academic papers.

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What Are Conclusion Sentence Starters?

In simple terms, a conclusion sentence starter is a word or phrase in the opening sentence of a conclusion paragraph. It is a transition to tell the reader the story is coming to an end. It is also the link between the main body and the last part of an essay, article, etc.

A conclusion sentence starter can make or break your conclusion. You want a deserving word or phrase depending on the kind of writing and the academic level. A simple “in conclusion” may work for high school essays, while a dissertation may need more than a “to sum it up.”

How To Write Good Conclusion Sentence Starters

A good conclusion sentence starter should have the following characteristics:

  • It should be short and precise
  • It should notify the reader you’re about to wrap up your argument, opinion, or story
  • Show the audience that there is nothing more to discuss on the topic
  • Create an expectation in the reader so that they can keenly dissect the conclusion

Examples of Good Conclusion Sentence Starters

There are various conclusion starters suitable for different types of academic papers. Some phrases work best for essays, speeches, reviews, and case studies, while research papers and theses require more sophisticated conclusion phrases. Here are the best conclusion sentence starters, as revealed by our expert writers at Homework Market:

Good Conclusion Sentence Starters For Essays

These words and phrases will make a good conclusion sentence starter for your essays:

  1. Finally
  2. In conclusion
  3. All things considered
  4. To summarize
  5. To sum it all up
  6. Surely
  7. Briefly
  8. To cut a long story short
  9. Based on the discussion above
  10. Altogether

Good Conclusion Sentence Starters For Opinion Writings

Here’s how to introduce your concluding thoughts in an opinion piece:

  1. In my opinion
  2. Given these points
  3. In my logical conclusion
  4. With all these in mind
  5. All aspects considered
  6. Clearly
  7. As shown in my arguments
  8. As you can see
  9. All in all
  10. Now you can see why

Good Conclusion Sentence Starters for research papers and theses

Are you wondering about the best phrases to start your conclusion paragraphs on a research paper or thesis? Here are a few examples:

  1. The paper concludes that
  2. The findings of this study
  3. In summary
  4. In conclusion
  5. Our data indicate that
  6. Based on the evidence presented
  7. The data reveals that
  8. While further research is required, this study concludes
  9. From the above results, we conclude that
  10. In light of these findings

Good Conclusion Sentence Starters for Informal Writings Like Blogposts and Reviews

If the paper guidelines permit the use of informal language, these starters are great:

  1. At the end of the day
  2. Long story short
  3. To wrap up
  4. My final thoughts are
  5. To finish off
  6. In my verdict
  7. In my observation
  8. In a nutshell
  9. Overall
  10. With all these in mind

How To Write a Good Conclusion

Now that we have learned how to write excellent conclusion sentence starters, how about the actual conclusion? While your conclusion starter might be attention-grabbing, it’s the paragraph content that makes a statement. Below are the do’s and don’ts to write a good conclusion:


Do the following to create a compelling conclusion:

  • Readdress the thesis statement or main points without restating them
  • Summarize your main thoughts
  • Provide a possibility for future development of the topic
  • Offer recommendations, suggestions, or a call to action
  • Demonstrate to the reader that the write-up has come to an end
  • Give the reader something to ponder after reading the content
  • Provide closure even as you give the reader something to think about


These aspects ruin a conclusion, and you should avoid them at all costs:

  • Don’t introduce new ideas or points in the conclusion
  • Don’t give more attention to the minor points at the expense of more significant ones
  • Don’t repeat ideas or bore the reader with stretched discussions
  • Make the conclusion short and precise
  • Avoid blandly summarizing the points; instead, do it in a thought-provoking manner
  • Don’t include statistics and other similar data

If you follow the above tips and tricks, you will create an excellent and attention-grabbing conclusion.

How Long Should a Conclusion Be?

The length of a conclusion depends on the type of paper you’re writing. For example, a four-sentence paragraph is enough for a thousand-word essay, while a dissertation may need a four-paragraph conclusion. The bottom line is to keep it short, precise, and straightforward. If all your thoughts fit in two paragraphs, go for it. However, if you write three paragraphs and feel some crucial thoughts need to be included, go with four.

Still Stuck on Writing a Good Conclusion Sentence Starter?

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