How To Write an Essay

Several learning institutions encourage students to write essays. The key objective is to allow students to showcase their comprehension and ability to conduct research and collect and carefully present information. Thus, Homeworkmarket, with the help of our dedicated professional academic essay writers, this guide elaborates on how to write an essay.

Generally, an essay is a form of academic writing students undertake in school, college, and university as part of the learning curriculum. The key objective of essay writing is to either use the information and facts available to put across ideas or precisely present new pieces of information.

Writing essays allows students to showcase their knowledge and creativity and encourages them to develop their ideas to comprehensively pass a message. Academic essays as always shorter than the usual academic papers since they are used to show the opinion of the writer using comprehensive evidence.

How To Write an Academic Essay

Everyone needs to have the right knowledge of how to write an essay. Primarily, one must have a suitable structure for their academic essay. Additionally, it is critical to understand outlining. Outlining is an organizational technique that authors use for the various writing styles. The basic outlining techniques allow the writers to carefully highlight research and ideas before they start the writing process.

Elements Of Outlining

It is critical to have enough time to understand the topic of your essay so you can have ample time for research. The following are some of the fundamental elements of outlining:

Comprehensive research and short notes

The first step before one begins writing your essay is to ensure that you have sufficient credible sources of information to help you make reliable arguments. The following are some of the key sources you can use to get approved and credible information; recommended websites, Oxford Academic, approved academic search engines, or Google Scholar.

Additionally, it is important to make short notes of the various points you get while doing your research. Indicate all the page numbers, highlight the paragraphs, and use the bookmarks to save the various articles you would like to reference in the essay. It is from the short notes that you will expound on the points while writing the essay.

·      Have A Thesis

The thesis statement is a summary of your work. Thus, you should use your thesis as a guide throughout the whole essay and during the writing process. Always have the thesis at the back of your end and ensure that all the points you get are linked and support the thesis.

·      Outline The Ideas

As soon as you are doing all the required preparations, ensure that you write down all the key points in order of relevance, and ensure that all your thoughts have a flow.

·      The Introduction

The introduction is the opening statement of the whole paper. Therefore, you must make the introduction as catchy as possible. the reader should feel the desire to read the entire essay just by reading the introduction. It should be short and direct to the point.

·      Conclusion

This is the section where you summarize the whole essay. It is critical to note that you must restate the thesis statement to ensure emphasis and to show that the whole essay is tied to the thesis.

Essay Structure

It is vital to understand the essence of developing your essay. The basic structure of an essay has three main parts. These include:

  1. The introduction
  2. The body
  3. The conclusion

·      Introduction

The introduction is the first part of the essay. Thus, it is important that you carefully compose your introduction. Additionally, the introduction should have a powerful hook to ensure that the readers are glued and have the interest and urge to read the entire essay. It is in the introduction that you summarize what the entire essay is about in a sentence. Moreover, ensure that you state the thesis statement. The thesis statement should entail the main focus of the essay. For example, you should provide the answer to the key question that touches on what you will be talking about.

·      Body

It is in the body that you will elaborate on every point comprehensively, first, provide an explanation of your initial point and make sure it is connected to your thesis. Provide authentic support to your point; this can be using a quote from a book or a life story you witnessed or experienced.

Secondly, provide enough details on your second point and connect it to your thesis. Consequently, provide support for your argument using a quote from a book.

Lastly, provide a detailed and well-organized explanation of your most important idea and connect it to your thesis. Elaborate as you discuss giving interpretations and support your thoughts using quotes from the book, real-life experience, or a trending affair. Above all, ensure that you do not re-tell the story without providing elaborate interpretations.

·      Conclusion

The conclusion is as important as the introduction of your essay. The conclusion is a summary of all the vital points that you have mentioned throughout the essay. Be careful not to introduce new points or ideas in the conclusion. One major way of ensuring the relevance of the conclusion is by connecting your interpretation to the main points or theme of the discussion. Secondly, you can provide a summarized explanation of the encounters that made you write the essay.

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