At homework market, we are committed to helping you achieve your educational goals. If you don’t have much time on your hands or enough funds for a course at the university, then the Sophia Institute would suit you well. The platform offers self-paced courses such that you can choose the time during which you will be doing them. Also, college tuition is relatively affordable. Read on to learn more about the platform and, specifically, Sophia Milestone answers.

How Sophia Works

Sophia is an online educational platform that enables users to learn a course of their choice at their convenience. It uses a problem-based approach to educate its users. Every stage of a course has Challenges, Milestones, and Touchstones. You have to do the Challenges before you can do a Milestone or a Touchstone. As there are several challenges in a stage, you are required to attempt the quizzes in one Challenge before moving to the next Challenge.

Typically, a Challenge has about 10 questions, and you should achieve at least 70% to pass. Milestones and Touchstones contribute greatly to the final score. Just as with Challenges, the passing mark for Milestones and Touchstones is 70%. Upon finishing the Final Milestone, you get awarded a transcript if you have qualified. Sophia awards transcripts in three ways:

  • Automated Transcripts.
  • Sending the transcript through Parchment at a fee.
  • Sending American Council on Education (ACE) transcripts thru Credly.

How To Use Sophia

To do an online course in Sophia, you will sign up on the platform and register before you enroll in a course. You will have the course set up to suit your educational needs and have a Sophia Institute mentor assigned to you to guide you through the course.

As per your individual schedule, you will go through the reading materials and do the assignments given. Your mentor will review your work and give you timely feedback, usually within 48 hours. Upon completing the course, you will get a certificate of completion on top of the transcript.

Sophia Milestone Answers

The Sophia Milestone Answers you give gauge your understanding of concepts in every stage of the course. Milestone questions are 20 to 30 on average, and the learner has a fixed time limit to finish them. The time you have left is displayed on the dashboard so you can plan yourself accordingly.

Sophia Milestone questions are essential in the final score, as Milestone is weighted three times as much as Challenges in the overall score. So, you ought to be very keen when doing the questions and aim for a score of at least 70%. Luckily for learners, Sophia lets you use practice Milestone questions to prepare for the actual text. Sometimes, many of the questions in the practice test are similar to the ones in the actual test.

Final Milestone

Once you have completed all Challenges and Milestone questions, you will be required to sit for the Final Milestone. This is the very last test of your course before you receive your performance results. Ideally, you should score above 70% on the Final Milestone to pass. Before you take the test, you may be required to verify that you are the one taking it – this may be through taking a picture of your ID or any other identification document. Note that one-unit courses may not have a Final Milestone test.

How To Pass a Milestone

If you want to pass a Milestone, you should do the following:

1.     Do the Challenges.

Make sure you do all the Challenges as they prepare you for the Milestones. Challenges help you to understand concepts in detail at every stage of the course. Ensure you review feedback and the comments you receive from your mentor after every test. This way, you will be well-prepared to handle Milestone questions.

2.     Don’t Skip Practice Milestones

Attempting the practice Milestone questions puts you at an advantage over actual Milestone questions, so ensure that you do them. For those that you get incorrect, check out tutorials to understand better. If you are still struggling, make a point of consulting a Learning Coach.

3.     Take The Test at A Convenient Time and Location

You don’t want to be distracted while taking your Milestone tests. Therefore, choose a time and a place that will enable you to concentrate. Also, note that Milestone tests are open-book, so you can refer to tutorials as you do the questions.

Can You Retake Milestones on Sophia?

Yes, indeed! The Sophia Institute is determined to help you pass your course. Therefore, you are offered a second chance if at all you fail to hit the 70% mark on a test. You are allowed to retake the test once for Challenge and Milestone questions. If you need to retake a test, simply contact the Sophia Learning Coach Team for guidance.

Sophia Learning Honor Code

  • You are only allowed to register one account.
  • You have to be the one who is doing your own work. Thus, you have to verify that it is you by providing an identification document before sitting for a test.
  • Cheating and other irregularities are prohibited.

Failure to honor the code will lead to discontinuation from the course, disqualification from enrolling in other courses, and the courses you have completed will be removed from your transcript.

How Long Does It Take to Complete a Course on Sophia?

Essentially, a course or program in Sophia goes on for a time frame of between one and two months. Expect to finish the semester in about three to six months. You can request an extension if you are unable to finish your course in the set time frame.

During the course period, you can choose your hours. The institution is built to provide the user with the flexibility of time and location. Your mentor will be available to assist you whenever you need help nonetheless. Ensure that you are devoid of unnecessary distractions when doing the course of Milestone questions. Homework market advises that you pay special attention to the Sophia Milestone answers you give, as they form a big percentage of the final score.

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