How to Write a Discussion Post

The following tips will help you formulate an effective discussion post and provide you with slight insight into how to write a discussion post in APA format. You will be certain to engage your online classmates, and provoke thoughtful and creative responses from your instructor and fellow participants too.

  1. Observe your netiquette
  2. Make sure that you tackle your homework
  3. Adhere to the prompts
  4. Put enough comprehensive thought into your post before posting
  5. Use questions as part of your post
  6. Keep your relevance in the course of the discussion
  7. Carefully edit all your posts before posting
  8. Provide your classmates with relevant and essential responses
  9. Initiate strong arguments and involve your classmates

ü  Observe your Netiquette

First, for an online discussion board, it is possible that you have not met any of your classmates. Therefore, it is vital to observe proper netiquette. Although tones used in various forums vary from conversational to casual with the exact personality set by the instructor- always remember that the discussion post is an educational forum and requires appropriate manners.

Furthermore, the forum might include people from cultural beliefs, and classmates from different geographical, background, religious, and political locations. Therefore, it is vital that you keep it polite and realistic. Showing respect and the right response makes the argument livelier and more accommodating. This gives everyone a chance to participate, and hence, you are able to learn from different perspectives.

ü  Make Sure that you Tackle Your Homework

Every discussion post has got expectations from your instructor. Therefore, before you write your post, ensure that you complete all the readings assigned. Also, ensure that you internalize all the points, the requirements, and the topic of discussion. By so doing, you will be able to be in a position to create a connection between you and the course online topic. Doing your homework also entails making references to the previous expectations of your instructor and using them to bring out the best argument in the discussion while meeting the expectations. Thus, a good understanding of how to write a discussion post in APA format is essential. Additionally, make an effort of getting to read all your instructor’s feedback.

ü  Adhere to The Prompts

Every discussion post has requirements that you must adhere to during the discussion. Such a prompt can include:

Ø  Objective of the Prompt

What is the purpose of the discussion, and what question requires your response?

Ø  Specifications or sometimes Particulars

When is the due time and date? What is the word limit?

Ø  Type of Response

Are you required to determine a solution to an online problem, compare and contrast different standards, or make an argument on a topic?

Ø  Formatting Requirement

What formatting does the instructor need? In case of no specifications, it is advisable to follow the general APA formatting guidelines.

Ø  Expectations

How will the instructor assess the post? This information is available in the course material or is provided by the course instructor.

ü  Put Enough and Comprehensive Thought into Your Post Before Posting

Always remember that what you post creates a basis for grading and assessment. Therefore, your post should show that you have put considerations about the topic and organized your response carefully. Online topics can be complex to put into words; this is the chance for you to demonstrate that you can translate figures into words that are easy to understand and provoke an argument.

ü  Use questions as part of your post

Posing questions is among the best ways to keep a conversation going. Also, questions help in getting insight into what you do not understand. Additionally, questions help you find answers in case of doubt or in case you needed to have a better understanding of the topic at hand. Most importantly, ask specific questions that give room for a comprehensive discussion.

ü  Keep your relevance in the course of the discussion

In as much as this is an online platform, it is advisable to stick to the matter at hand and avoid off-the-topic discussions. Furthermore, always link direct relevant references to the concepts you are learning from academic avenues. There are various articles and books online that can provide you with the relevant references and information you need. Staying relevant during the discussion also helps you be on par with the instructor.

ü  Carefully edit all your posts before posting

Online students should be coherent and avoid mistakes as these mistakes reflect on their work and so is a discussion post. You can use a text editor like the word to ensure your post is coherent and complete. Cross-check to eliminate all grammatical and spelling errors. You should always ensure your post stands out, easy to read and understand.

ü  Provide your classmates with relevant and essential responses

The feedback you give your classmates is important, always detail why you agree or disagree with someone. Also, be open to receiving your classmate’s responses. This is a discussion forum and not a monologue program. Ensure that you post your feedback, make it an engaging period, and keep posting follow-up questions. Most importantly, make sure that what you post adds value to the discussion.

ü  Initiate strong arguments and involve your classmates

Going the extra mile to add ideas or concepts that are unique to the discussion is advisable. It is vital to leave the participants wanting more. Come up with a strong argument and use the course material to support it. Ensure that you do enough research and cite your work. Let your ideas flow coherently and explore the various parts of the discussion question. Challenge your classmates to think harder and get motivated to conduct a comprehensive research.

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To conclude, it is fundamental to comprehend how to write a discussion post in APA format. The formatting and citation techniques you embrace in your work will help readers to conceptualize your ideas. Additionally, readers can be in a position to see your ideas from your own point of view and use them to make more comprehensive and informed decisions and conclusions.

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