How Do You Win a Bid on Homework Market

You will see several jobs for the homework market showing up on Homeworkmarket, especially in homework help. However, you can be wondering what you can do for students to accept your bid. It is for this reason that Homework Market provides you with this article to answer your question on “how do you win a bid on homework market?” and a simple process to help you decide on which students are worth approaching while placing your bids.

How To Succeed in The Homework Market

It is essential to understand the larger strategy behind seceding in Homework market. To succeed in the homework market, it is important to note that being a subject matter expert is a critical part of the process, however, it is not everything. It takes empathy, strategy, and patience with the students to lay a suitable profile. A strong profile plays a key role in making students see you for what you can offer. Nevertheless, it is important to ensure that you know how to win a bid on homework market to ensure that you serve as many students as possible.

1.     Sell Your Value and Not the Price

Quality work will always have students coming back and making good and several referrals. When a student trusts you with their academic work, ensure that you provide them with the best that you can. Always strive to ensure that you provide the best content, the best research, and the best response to students when they contact you. One good and quality work will award you that amazing review which will attract more and more students.

2.     Show That You Are Reliable So That Students Trust That You Are Paying Attention

One of the simple ways of showing reliability is to have effective communication and be keen to detail. When chatting with a student, avoid using cliché and vague statements that show a lack of creativity and attention to detail. You can show a student that you understand what they need by letting them know a few details from the instructions that they have provided you with and provide a few points on how to tackle them.

Also, you should be careful not to provide solutions in the chat. Instead, make the student want you to do their work. Respond to messages when they reach out and update them on the progress. Make the students part of the writing process, if they request to be part of it since some students are too busy to follow up with the work. Assure the students that you will provide them with the best results and that they can always check their progress whenever they are free.

3.     Consider Pricing Based on Available Rates and Not What You Want

Most college and university students are on a budget, and therefore, it is important to acknowledge that as you bid. Also, it is important to consider pricing based on what other writers are doing and not what you wish for or want. Conduct some quick research on your homework market.

What are the rates that tutors handling your subjects charge per hour, page, or project? One simple approach you can take is to take the average of the prices and determine the rate you will work with based on the project and the duration. Always set a price that makes you competitive and a realistic price.

Additionally, there are instances when you have a return student, you can consider their payment history and set the price accordingly since you also want them to keep coming back and bring other friends along.

4.     Showcase Credibility to Show That You Are Legit

It is important to ask yourself a few questions before you place a bid. Always remember that this is a student who wants an expert and someone they can trust with their academic work. You can ask yourself questions like, “What does this student need to feel safe and that they can trust me?”

Always encourage your students to leave reviews after you have done the work. Reviews play a major role in enhancing trust and confidentiality. Most students read the reviews to decide whether they are suitable for the job or not. Also, you can always provide the students with the link to your tutor profile page and mention a few clients. additionally, you can take a screenshot and share it with the potential client you are talking to.

If you want to expand your subject area, create a suitable portfolio of two to three projects to showcase your credibility. Use what you have and what you have done to show that you are legit and credible.

When To Ignore a Question During Bidding

Always acknowledge that we are humans and clear communication is key. It is important to respect yourself and the client during negotiations. Sometimes working with some students is not worth the hustle. The following are a few instances when you can ignore a question:

ü  Lack Of Elaborate Details

When a student provides you with fewer details it is an indication that they do not understand what they want help with.

ü  If The Price Is Unreasonably Low

It is vital to note that most students are on a budget, however, there are instances when the price is ridiculously low and this could be an indication that the student is not serious about paying.

ü  If The Work Is Not in Your Expertise

To provide quality work, you must bid for jobs that you can handle well and within less time. Focus on your strength and do not let other jobs with better pay mislead you.

ü  If You Do Not Have Samples

There are instances when students request for work samples before they can assign their work. If you have never handled such an assignment and you do not have samples, it is wise to ignore and not waste your time and that of the student. Remember, what you cannot handle perfectly, can be done by someone else.  For more information on how to win a bid on homework market, visit Homework Market.

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