CC001 Case Study
All videos will be attached or links will be provided…. Please follow all instructions to do this assignment adhere and follow the rubric and use all sources to do the Assignment. Please citate APA STYLE AND LIST REFERENCES.
This Assignment is a Case Study PowerPoint presentation in which you will take on the role of an early childhood professional at an early childhood center who is asked to analyze the center’s current plan for family and community engagement. You will analyze the current plan and make recommendations to improve upon the current family and community engagement plan.
Envision that you are a pre-kindergarten teacher at Little Steps Early Childhood Care Center, which serves students from one to eight years of age. The early childhood care center is located in a diverse neighborhood with people of different cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds. The director of the center has received word that it must undergo an accreditation process in three months.
In preparation for this accreditation process, the director has organized several committees to ensure that certain areas will pass accreditation. The director has asked you to head the Committee on Family and Community Engagement. You must analyze the center’s current plan regarding family and community engagement, and suggest ways the center can improve upon its family and community engagement plan to ensure it meets accreditation criteria.
Access the following to complete this Assignment:
1. Video: Parent-teacher interaction at pick-up time
2. Video: Interviews with colleagues about parent involvement
3. Document: Little Steps Newsletter
4. Document: Transcription from a home visit
5. Website: The Head Start Parent, Family, and Community Engagement Framework
6. Website: The NAEYC Principles of Effective Practice
PowerPoint Case Study:
Family and Engagement Presentation
The next Parent-Teacher Association meeting will be focused on educating families about activities that will enhance their children’s learning outside of the early childhood care center. Create a 10- to 12-slide PowerPoint presentation that includes the following:
******* Please citate and include reference page with presentation… 9 or more slides of Information is needed.
1. Five specific examples of developmentally appropriate learning activities for use within the home and community. Include a rationale in the notes section of your PowerPoint for each of the specific activities you describe.
2. Two slides describing community resources the families in the community could access to promote the healthy development and learning of their children. Describe each community resource and explain how it can support the families in fostering healthy child development and learning.