MyMathLab for school is a series of online courses aligned to mathematics and provides statistics. This online platform provides students with customized practice and instructions and equips them with all the vital tools they require to deliver a section or all of their online courses. The platform is available as long as there is internet access and connection, MyMathLab for school comes complete with the necessary resources to make sure that students attain success in their mathematics course and have room to prepare adequately for career, life, and college.

The platform combines trusted content from verified and trusted authors with digital tools to enhance the personalization of the learning experience and enhance good results for every student. Always remember that your course is distinct. Therefore, whether you would like to establish your unique assignments, teach various parts, or have prerequisites, you have the flexibility to tailor-make your course to suit the various needs you have in any format of your course.

Mymathlab For School Highlights

The following are some of the highlights you need to know concerning MyMathLab for school:

·      An Interactive eText

This includes fixed links to exercises and videos as well as tools for taking and highlighting notes. Also, students get to have tools for conceptualization and visualization to enhance comprehension. This is attained through the following ways:

o   Interactive Figures

Interactive figures are one of the major concepts and techniques that are used to bring life to many mathematics concepts, and thus, help students figure out the concepts by directly purposeful exploration and manipulation. Such figures can be assigned in MyMathLab and enhance critical thinking, active learning, and conceptual comprehension.

o   GeoGebra Exercises

GeoGebra exercises are graphing exercises that can be graded and help students show their comprehension. Since such exercises are normally assigned alongside MyMathLab exercises, they provide students with ample room for direct interaction with graphs such that it reflects the various ways in which they would make graphs on paper.

·      Personalized Study Plans and Auto-Graded Homework

The platform has online homework that is automatically graded, customized study plans, and assessments from differentiated instructions. Every student is provided with the chance to learn at their own pace. Custom-made learning points out the specific areas the students need more practice, providing each student with the support they require, and where and when they need the support to have a successful academic journey.

With tailored homework or personalized homework, students undertake a test or quiz and are given a subsequent assignment that is tailored based on their scores.

Skill Builder, which is available for developmental MyMathLab courses, provides practices that are adaptive and are made to enhance the ability of the students to complete their homework.

Having companion study plan assignments helps one assign suitable study plans for practice as a qualification for a quiz or test.

·      Multimedia Library

MyMathLab for School contains an inclusive multimedia library with animations, videos, and PowerPoint slides that provide learners with instructions. Entirely written in MyLab, various interactive assignments require students to comprehensively interact with various available materials and check their comprehension as they continue learning, thus, encouraging students to participate actively with the concepts.

The collaborative MyLab courses can be utilized for any course format, however, they are precisely suitable for completely hybrid, flipped, or online courses. this is because the students get to have an interactive learning encounter. With assignments that can be edited, and pre-assigned, such ready courses can be customized to the needs of your course.

·      Support Courses That Are Prerequisite

The offerings by Pearson for corequisite courses provide one with the chance to choose what support, and the magnitude to which it best works for their corequisite courses. All the solutions that are corequisite maximize the flexibility of MyLab avenue, as it can provide customized learning and enhance personalized support, so one can customize their solutions to suit their corequisite, and not the reverse.

Available in the statistics and mathematics curriculum, integrated review in MyMathLab can be used for convenient corequisite courses or review.

·      Better Comprehension of Student Performance

This is made possible through data and analytics. MyMathLab for schools provides academic instructors with a detailed grade book with advanced reporting functionality making it easier for teachers to comprehend which students are struggling and what are the major challenging topics.

Performance analytics – the performance analytics can be accessed via the grade books, provide you with comprehensive insight into what you need, and have room to make more informed decisions for instructions and remediation.

Now available- the early alerts utilize various predictive analytics to locate the students who are struggling in the early stages of learning, even in situations where the grades they score are not the major concern. Usually, MyLab math makes it easier to have engaging and direct interactions with students and give feedback.

·      Content That Can Be Scaled and Shared Easily

MyMathLab lets one manage several sections of the class, and other instructors can emulate the settings to help in the standardization of the syllabus which can be used in the whole department. If you have carefully personalized your MyLab math course and would wish to use the same course the next semester, you can simply copy your available courses, save all the customizations, and share them with the other instructor.

Learning Catalytic

Learning catalytic makes it possible to hear from each student when it means the most. You post several questions and help students remember ideas, apply the concepts, and enhance their critical thinking skills. In return, the students use their laptops, tablets, or smartphones to respond.

Additionally, one can monitor responses as the students respond and identify the student who is not interacting and who does not understand. After identifying where the weakness exists, you can adjust your teachings and encourage group learning and peer-to-peer learning as well, by so doing, students get engaged and motivated.

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