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Many students have been grappling with what is nursing and nursing research. Nursing can be defined as a practice or profession that helps nurses provide care for the infirm and the sick. It hence encompasses collaborative and autonomous care of individuals of all ages, communities, and groups. Florence Nightingale’s definition of nursing revolves around the utilization of the patient’s environment in improving their conditions as well as in assisting in their recovery.

Nursing Research

Nursing research represents they type of research that provides evidence that should be used to support nursing practices. It is evident that nursing is an evidence-based area of practice. All practices in nursing should therefore be guided by the existing evidence. Nursing research plays an important role in developing knowledge about heath as well as the promotion of health over the full lifespan. Nursing research therefore includes the generation, dissemination as well and utilization of new knowledge which promotes excellence in the nursing profession. Opportunities to learn more about research as well as share experiences are usually provided routinely through activities such as mentorship, funding support, workshops, and close collaboration with local colleges and universities. To enhance the nursing research culture, it is vital that all the management levels remain committed.

Importance of Nursing Research

Research plays a critical role in the nursing field. One is that it promotes the lifelong professional development of the nursing discipline. Nursing research therefore supports the fact that nursing is a professional discipline. Besides, nursing research helps in improving the personal knowledge as well as the clinical expertise. Furthermore, it is through nursing research that individuals are able to implement changes in the health care environment which plays a critical role in promoting excellence in nursing care. Nursing research also plays a crucial role in helping nurses locate the additional resources they might need in their course of practice.

Nursing research plays a crucial role in promoting the health, competency, and well-being of personal care among all age groups. It is through nursing research that nurses enhance their advocacy roles by ensuring the care needs of specific vulnerable groups are met through appropriate strategies. Moreover, nursing research helps providers come up with approaches to decreasing the negative impact of health problems on productivity, coping abilities as well and life satisfaction of individuals and families. Moreover, nursing research helps providers design as well as develop healthcare systems that are cost-effective in meeting the nursing needs of the population. Nursing research therefore remains an integral component in the field of nursing.

Nursing Research Process

Most nurses acknowledge the need to conduct research. They however lack the needed exposure to the research process and hence find difficulties in knowing where to begin. To encourage the nurses to embrace research, they should be provided with the necessary tools that should outline how a research study should be designed. Nurses who wish to conduct research require a succinct summary of the steps in the research process to get them started. This also helps them in getting what is considered to be important. The nursing research process will therefore follow a four-step process which includes assessment, planning, intervention as well and evaluation.


The first stage in the nursing research phase is conducting an assessment. In this phase, the research problem is first identified. A research problem represents an area of concern whereby there is a gap in the knowledge base needed for the nursing practice. Research is usually conducted to generate knowledge that addresses the practice concern, with the ultimate goal of providing evidence-based health care. Research is usually conducted to generate the knowledge that addresses the practice concern, with the ultimate goal of providing evidence-based health care. A research problem thereby represents an area of concern whereby the gap in the knowledge base is identified.

A good research problem should include the significance and background of the study as well as the problem statement. The next step in this assessment stage involves a review of the nursing literature. Reviewing the nursing literature helps in coming up with a comprehensive summary of the previous research on a given topic. The literature review in most instances surveys scholarly articles, journals, books, and other relevant sources. When conducting nursing research, peer-reviewed articles are greatly considered. The review should always enumerate, describe, summarize, clarify as well and evaluate the previous research. Our homeworkmarket help desk will guide you in coming up with the necessary nursing research materials. The next step entails the identification of the variables that are going to be used in the research process.


The next nursing research process is the planning phase. The first step in planning is the formulation of the hypothesis or the research question. A hypothesis is generally used in explaining a given phenomenon as well as in predicting a relationship in a given research process. Formulating a hypothesis always needs a specific, predictable, and testable statement that is driven by prior evidence or theoretical guidance. Formulating the hypothesis in nursing research can be a very daunting task. Our gishomework experts will however guide you through this process. The importance of hypothesis in nursing research is that it tends to induce critical thinking as well as facilitate understanding and interpretation of a given data.

A good hypothesis should have several traits. One, it should be researchable. It should also be stated in declarative form. Besides, it should be in a position to show the relationship which exists between different variables. Moreover, it should be testable and should always follow the findings of previous studies. The nursing research hypothesis should be stated as either research or null, simple or complex, and directional or non-directional. It is through the planning phase that decisions are usually made on how the variables will be measured as well as how the sample will be chosen.


Intervention is the third step in the nursing research process. This phase entails the collection of data to help answer our research questions. Data is usually grouped into four based on the approach used to collect it. These include observational, experimental, simulation, and derived. An ideal data collection should always be clear, unbiased, valid as well as reliable. Observational data in most instances is data that is captured through observation of a given activity or behavior. The mode of collection for this data includes open-ended surveys and human observation.

Experimental data is usually collected through active intervention by the researcher for purposes of producing and measuring change or for purposes of creating differences when a given variable is altered. This nursing research data helps the researcher determine a causal relationship and is usually projectable to a larger population. Simulation data on the other hand is usually generated by imitating the operation of the real-world processes over time. Researchers usually use computer test models to come up with this data. Moreover, the derived data entails using the existing data to create new data through some sought of transformation. Our homework market experts will guide you on approaches to data collection that you should use.


Evaluation represents the last phase of the nursing research process. During this phase, data is usually analyzed and interpreted with the findings communicated to the relevant authorities. Data analysis represents the process of systematically applying logical and statistical techniques in describing, illustrating, and evaluating the data. A critical component of ensuring data integrity is the appropriate and accurate analysis of the research findings. The homework market platform will therefore help you choose the best platform that can be used in communicating the findings from the research process.

Primary Mistakes Students Make When Choosing Nursing Research Paper Topics

Sometimes a student may select a topic, but it ends up being rejected by their professor. Here are a couple of errors that you probably made when selecting the issue, making it non-viable;

1.    Choosing a boring topic

Yes! Boring issues do exist. A student can choose an item that has been discussed over time, and still give the exact arguments. Monotony makes your paper dull. Thus, always ensure you choose an exciting topic. If not, try to bring exciting elements to a boring subject to make it more appealing to your audience.

2. Selecting a broad theme

Always ensure you define the scope of your topic. General topics will only make you do double work and fail to tackle all the primary points. Moreover, a broad theme ensures that so much information is available which may present difficulties when choosing the right variables one should use. It therefore becomes crucial to always select topics that are considered to be very manageable.

3. Topics that are considered too personal.

It is important to always consider choosing topics that are not too personal in nature when conducting nursing research. A researcher should therefore refrain from choosing a topic that talks about himself. A good research paper should combine both the primary and secondary data sources in conducting research that is not personal in nature.

4. Topics that lack enough information.

More often than not, some nursing students select topics that have limited information. This makes the topics un-researchable as in most instances they lack enough information and data. To successfully write a good research paper, the researchers should always select a topic that has a lot of researchable information.

5. Topics that are too technical.

When selecting nursing research, it is critical to always avoid choosing topics that are considered to be too technical. Technical topics in most instances leave a researcher frustrated which may make it hard to attain the set objectives. Moreover, it creates a platform for making so many contradictions and errors. Nursing researchers should always avoid topics that are beyond scientific understanding. Our team of experts at the gishomework help desk will however help you choose the best topic for your research.

Sources of Nursing Research Problems.

Nursing research problems are usually developed from various sources. The nursing researcher should however be careful, imaginative, astute, and curious to identify problems from the sources. Among the widely used sources of nursing research problems include literature review, research and peer interactions, clinical practice, theories as well as the research priorities which are identified by the specialty groups and funding agencies.

Literature review:

The literature review is one of the widely used sources when coming up with a viable nursing research problem. Reviewing the research journals and articles helps a nursing researcher identify an area of interest as well as determine the research gaps in a given field or area of specialization.

Researcher and Peer Interactions:

An interaction with both peers and researchers can offer valuable opportunities for generating nursing research problems. One can always seek the help of experienced researchers who will always aid in the identification of a good nursing research problem.

Clinical Practice:

Any nursing practice should always be based on evidence or knowledge earned through research. The clinical practice is thereby considered to be an extremely important source of nursing research problems. Most of the problems that nurses research usually evolve from the clinical observations in their workplace environment.


The existing theories are considered to be a crucial source of generating nursing research problems. This arises from the fact that they set forth the ideas about situations as well as events in the real world which needs testing. When a nursing researcher is examining a theory, he/she may note that it includes a number of propositions, and hence a nursing research problem can be formulated to test a given preposition in a nursing theory.  

Research priorities:

A nursing researcher can get nursing research problems from funding agencies, professional organizations, specialty groups as well as expert researchers. These cliques of individuals are very instrumental in identifying areas that may need further research.

Characteristics of Nursing Research

Nursing research has various crucial characteristics. It usually involves the gathering of new as well as existing data from first-hand information or new sources. Besides, it is usually directed towards the problem’s solution. Nursing research is also analytical. It is usually characterized by carefully designed procedures in data collection as well as a rigorous process of analysis when interpreting the data. Moreover, the research usually emphasizes the development of theories, principles, and generalizations which may be helpful in future occurrence predictions. Nursing research also needs expertise. It is the duty of the researcher to be adequately prepared when undertaking such behavior. Nursing research is also considered to be empirical in that it is usually based on direct experiences and usually demands an accurate description and observation of the phenomenon being studied.

Nursing research also strives to be logical. This is through the application of every possible test for the purposes of validating the procedures being used so that the researcher has confidence in the outcomes. Moreover, nursing research is honest and is usually characterized by unhurried and patient activities. This research also can be replicated for the purposes of enabling the researcher to achieve comprehensive and valid results. Moreover, it needs innovative approaches and it should be carefully recorded and reported.

Purpose of Nursing Research

Nursing research is performed for various purposes. It prepares the health care providers to be diligent practitioners of research. It also provides solutions to problems that concern health care, health delivery as well and health maintenance. This research helps in developing tools for assessing the efficiency of nursing interventions. Moreover, nursing research helps in determining the areas of need relative to the nursing practices such as the nurse-patient and patient-teaching relationships.

Nursing research also helps evaluate and develop alternative approaches to nursing education which would enable the learners to gain wide knowledge as well as specialized skills for safe practice. Nursing research provides the scientific base which is considered vital for the nursing profession. In addition, it helps in developing as well as in evaluating new techniques necessary in the delivery of patient care which is vital to the health needs of a patient. Our homework market help desk will help you structure your nursing research based on the intended purpose.

Role of a Research Nurse

A research nurse’s job is interesting, varied, and complex. The research nurse plays a crucial role in coordinating the day-to-day management of a research study. This means that a research nurse should have proper leadership as well as organizational skills. Moreover, research nurses need to be flexible and adaptable when dealing with situations. They are considered to be the fulcrum of the clinical trials. They must therefore possess a comprehensive understanding of their own specialty. Besides, research nurses should have an extensive knowledge of the research process as well as legislation which are related to research. Top-notch computer skills are crucial in conducting research over the web.

Duties of Research Nurse

Among the common duties of the research nurses include the preparation of the trial protocols. They also play a critical role in submitting study proposals for approval from the regulatory bodies. Nurse researchers also coordinate, manage as well and complete a given research process. They also educated the patients on informed consent prior to enrolling them in a research process. Besides, they are responsible for collecting, randomization as well and recording of data. They also facilitate the prompt reporting of adverse research events. Lastly, nurse researchers may act as advisors, mentors, and teachers to other health professionals. They also present relevant research findings at conferences as well as other meetings.

Characteristics of a Nurse Researcher

Nurse researchers have various notable traits that are critical. These include:

  1. Intellectual honesty ensures that the researchers employ honesty during data collection, analysis, and reporting.
  2. Most nurse researchers have discipline as well as patience to see the study.
  3. Nurse researchers have the ability to relate their study to a known theory. They do this through scholarly thinking as well as articulating the research process in an organized or precise manner.
  4. Nurse researchers are also critical thinkers. They usually develop their critical thinking skills through a working knowledge of a given scientific problem as well as through their clinical expertise. This problem-solving technique is very crucial in formalizing the study.
  5. Nurse researchers are creative thinkers. This skill helps them go beyond what is already known as well as what exists and develop various approaches to doing things.
  6. Nurse researchers have the ability to stimulate creative thinking. This is through undertaking serious thinking and inquiry about problems and situations affecting nursing and nurses.

Types of Nursing Research

Basic Nursing Research

This type of research is also known as fundamental, theoretical, or pure research. This research is always aimed at enriching the existing theories by unraveling the untold nature mysteries. This type of research uses a formal as well as systematic process of deductive-inductive analysis in the development of the theories. The purpose of the nursing research is to offer a solution to most practical problems.

Applied Nursing Research

This type of research is also referred to as empirical research. The chief purpose of this research is to enrich the application of the theory. This type of nursing research helps in uncovering new facts as well as in offering opportunities to test the validity of theories that exist. This type of nursing research also helps in conceptual clarification and usually integrates the theories that existed previously.

Exploratory Nursing Research

Exploratory nursing research is also referred to as formative research. This is majorly conducted when there is relatively little information concerning the research problem. This research thereby emphasizes the discovery of new ideas as well as insights. As a result of this, its design is always kept flexible. The purpose of this research is to make a precise formulation of a given problem. It is also used in generating new ideas. Besides, it increases the familiarity of the researchers with a given nursing problem.

Descriptive Nursing Research

This is considered to be non-experimental research which is specifically designed to discover new meaning. This nursing research is also used to provide new knowledge, particularly in instances where there is very little known about the phenomenon being investigated. Among the main data collection techniques include mail questionnaires, interviewing, and observation. In this research, the problem must be describable as opposed to it being agreeable. Moreover, it should be possible to come up with valid standards of comparison.

Diagnostic Nursing Research

The diagnostic nursing research is closely related to the descriptive study with a different focus. This type of research is usually used in discovering what is happening and the reason for it. It also highlights what can be done. This therefore means that this theory aims at identifying the cause of a given problem as well as proposes several solutions to the problems.

Evaluative Nursing Research

Evaluation by definition represents the determination of the results that are attained by a given activity diagnosed to achieve some valid objective and goals. The evaluation research is made to evaluate the effectiveness of economic, social or health programs which are implemented in the healthcare environment. The purpose of evaluative nursing research is to assess the research for specific success or failure. It is also used to discover if as well as how well the research objectives are fulfilled. It is also used in uncovering principles that underlie a successful program.

Action Nursing Research

Action research has its roots in the social change theory. It serves to pursue research and action outcomes at the same time. This type of research focuses on immediate application as opposed to the general application. Action nursing research has the advantage of allowing research to be done in situations where other research approaches may be impractical to use of difficult.

Importance of Research in Nursing

  1. It helps the nurses determine the effective best practices which play a crucial role in improving patient care.
  2. It also helps the nurses respond the changes in the healthcare environment as well as government regulations.
  3. Research helps in enhancing the diagnosis of diseases as well as other health problems.
  4. Research also aids the nurses in advancing in their field as well as staying updated.
  5. It also helps the nurses understand their role in nursing advocacy.

Brilliant Nursing Research Paper Topics

Are you struggling to develop a perfect topic for your nursing research paper? Well, no need to be. Here are excellent subjects for a nursing research paper.

1. Psychological Aspects of Infant Care

2. Impact of ageism in the mental health and addictions sector

3. Mental Health & Psychiatric Care in Adults

4. Maternal & Neonatal Practices in Rural Areas

5. Dominant cardiovascular diseases and their prevention

6. Joint Disorders Study in the Elderly Population

7. Female Sexual Health Disorders

8. Sleep Disorders in Women

9. Obesity & Weight Management Programs

10. Antibiotic Resistance in Preschool Children

11. Gestational Weight Gain Challenges

12. The importance of breast cancer screening

13. Effects of cold therapy (a non-pharmacological method) for pain management

The Perfect Nursing Essay Topics

Do you need online help in selecting a feasible topic for your nursing essay assignment? Look no further. Below is a list of some of the most brilliant nursing essay topics;

1. Describe the role of a nurse in pain management

2. Explain the role of self-care management in sickle cell adult patients

3. Define the significance of emotional intelligence in the nursing career

4. Explain the impact of nursing on fetal development

5. Discuss the benefits of introducing pet therapy in children on the autism disorder spectrum

6. Describe the importance of maintaining electronic records of patients to nurses

7. Discuss the importance of nurses taking classes on bioterrorism preparedness

8. Explain the reasons why nurses venture into drug abuse and give ways of to prevent such occurrences

9. Discuss the various ethical dilemmas that nurses face in their practice

10. The enhanced role of nurses in encouraging patients with dementia to eat and drink

Nursing Assignment Help

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