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A research proposal is a piece of writing that is written before a research paper detailing the content of your proposed research comprehensively. It explains thoroughly the primary questions or problems you want to address. This kind of paper outlines the specific area of interest within your research falls, any current debates on the theme, and the available knowledge on the topic. It is crucial for any writer to ace research proposal writing to get that go-ahead from an instructor or professor to start their research paper writing process.

Why Bother to Write a Research Proposal?

  • It is crucial to write a good research proposal for the following reasons:
  • To persuade the reader that your proposal is original, significant, interesting, and worthwhile.
  • To prove that you are familiar with the area and subject of interest and that you comprehend the current and significant issues in this field.
  • To confirm that your project answers an important question that was asked by another researcher in another study.
  • To prove that your paper contains the answers that be relevant in the chosen area of study.

What to Include in the Research proposal

Regardless of your educational level or type of research proposal you are tackling, your research proposal must contain the following information:

Title : The title is the description of the theme of your intended research. A student needs to choose relevant and researchable titles that draw from emerging issues or prevalent societal problems.

An abstract : Your proposal should contain a concise summary of your work in no more than 100 words unless instructed otherwise. Therefore, as you write this segment, focus on the significant highlights of the central question rather than the details.

Research context : The context refers to the background information about your topic. It is essential to familiarize your audience with the broad background within which your research falls. Also, remember to summarize the existing knowledge and debates on the topic. This will ensure the reader concisely understands where you are coming from and why your problem is urgent to address.

Research questions : The research questions are, in other words, the primary aims that guide your research proposal writing process. Therefore, before you start with the research proposal writing phase, you must begin by reflecting on the key questions that you want to answer under your chosen topic. Ensure that they are not narrow but rather feasible, defined, objective, measurable, realistic, and time bound.

Methodology : The research proposal methodology contains the research methods that are discussing how the research will be conducted. The methodology can adopt either quantitative, qualitative, or mixed methods. Whichever approach one chooses, they must stick to that format. The methodology phase merely answers the questions, ‘how do I collect data?’ ‘What instruments or tools do I use?’ and also ‘How do I analyze this data?’

Significance of Research  : It is essential to discuss why your research is important. To ensure you write excellent importance of your research, try and tell if your work, for example, builds or adds more information to the existing state of knowledge in this theme

Bibliography  : Every research proposal writing should include bibliography writing. The bibliography helps you to reference all the work that you have used in your research or your arguments.

Useful Tips to Know Before Research Proposal Writing 

Research Proposal Writing HelpThere are things a student should take note of during the research proposal writing process. These include:

Originality : A good research proposal is one that is authentic and presents new information in the chosen area of interest. There are so many research proposals that have been written over time. Your professor does not require a duplicate or summary of any of the existing material. Instead, he or she is looking for work that sheds new light on the already existing information. So, ensure your research proposal is authentic.

The aim of the research proposal : As stated earlier, the goal of any research proposal is to acquire the go-ahead to research on the proposed theme. This is only attainable if one provides new and relevant information that proves the investigation worth.

Material : The material one provides in their research proposal must also be enlightening. If not, it must be offering a solution on how to address a particular problem.

Research : To formulate a good research proposal, one must research exhaustively from reliable sources such as peer-reviewed materials. A comprehensive analysis will help you come up with competent research questions, a good structure, and valid points.

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