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Principles of Surveying

There are five main principles of surveying. These are as they are listed below:

Working from Whole to Part

The first principle in surveying is usually working from whole to part. According to this principle, when one is surveying an area, one starts by establishing a system of control points. Those controls should have the capability of covering the whole area; maintaining a higher precision degree. This is followed by establishing the minor control points as well as details. These are usually established with a lesser degree of precision. This principle aids in the prevention of the undue accumulation of errors. This is through the localization and control of minor errors.

Location of Point by Measurement from Two Points of Reference

This is the second principle in surveying. Under this principle, the relative position of desired points that are to be surveyed should be located by taking the measurement from at least two reference points. In this regard, the reference points position were fixed previously.

Consistency of Work

The third surveying principle is the consistency of work. In order to gain the needed accuracy levels, the surveyors must be in a position to keep consistency in the method, instrument, reading as well and noting observations.

Independent Check

To prevent errors in the surveying work, it is vital to conduct an independent check. According to this fundamental principle, each measurement that is taken in the field should be re-checked by adopting a suitable method of independent field observations and tests. This principle helps in identifying mistakes that have been passed without notice.

Accuracy Required

According to this vital principle, the proper method, as well as instruments, should be applied for the survey work on the basis of the degree of accuracy needed.

Types of Surveying

There are basically two types of surveying:

Plane Surveying

Plane survey usually deals with small areas on the earth’s surface assuming the surface of the land to be plane. There are various types of plane surveying as shown below:

Chain Surveying:

In chain surveying, the area which is supposed to be surveyed is usually divided into various triangles. The second step entails measuring the interior angles as well as the side of the triangle. The whole is then plotted on the drawing sheet to a suitable scale for the purpose of producing a map.

Traverse Surveying:

In transverse surveying, the plot of the plan is usually enclosed in a series of straight lines that make angles with each other. The angles and lines are usually measured as well as plotted with details on a drawing paper to a suitable scale which is vital in producing a map.

Plane Table Surveying:

In this type of survey, the plotting and observations are usually done simultaneously. The art sheet or paper is usually fixed on a calibrated plane table.  

Ordinary Levelling:

This type of survey helps in the determination of elevations of different points on the surface of the earth.  

Geodetic or Trigonometrical Surveying

Geodetic survey usually deals with vast areas and hence the curvature is usually considered when this survey is done. Geodetic surveying is usually divided into various segments which include:


This usually consists of a network of a well-defined triangle which is formed on the plot of land that is supposed to be surveyed. One line is taken as the baseline from which all the other angles and lines are then measured accordingly.

Reciprocal Leveling:

This is used in leveling across streams, gullies as well and other obstructions to eliminate instrumental errors. The level readings are usually taken from two setups at two various points. This survey is used to ascertain the difference in levels between two sites with obstructions.

Tachometry or Stadia Surveying:

A telescopic sight instrument is usually used in the measurement of distances. It mainly incorporates a theodolite which is controlled by an operator with another surveyor holding the level staff at a distance. Both the horizontal and vertical distances are usually computed through the stadia readings.

Astronomical Surveying:

The meridian, longitude, latitude, azimuth, etc. of the plot to be surveyed is determined with celestial bodies help.

Photographic Surveying:

In this type of survey, the maps are usually prepared from photographs which are taken from camera positions that are considered suitable. The output is a drawing, a map, or a 3D model of some real-world object or scene.

Uses of Surveying

  1. Surveying is used in the planning as well as fixing of navigation routes.
  2. It is also crucial in the planning, designing as well and construction of infrastructure such as pipeline systems, bridges, and roads.
  3. It is also vital for national security planning, military strategic planning as well and other military purposes.
  4. Mine surveying is essential for exploration as well as identification of resources and mines.
  5. It is critical for the preparation of the topographical maps indicating the topographical features of a region.

Types of Errors in Land Surveying

There are three main types of errors in surveying:

Gross Errors:

The gross errors are usually a result of inexperience, lack of concentration, or carelessness on the part of the individual doing the survey.

Constant Errors:

These types of errors are usually built into the surveying process. The error in this case is usually the same for any given set of circumstances.

Random Errors:

These errors are usually as a result of the climatic or physical conditions. These errors are usually very small and hence are considered to be self-compensating.

Objectives of Surveying

To ascertain the relative position of any points of the earth.

To ascertain the distance as well as the angle between different objects.

To prepare a plan or map to represent a region on a horizontal plane.

To solve measurement problems in an approach considered optimal.

Surveying Computations

The surveyor’s role in the construction of physical structures has evolved from measuring distances by pace and chain to precisely controlling the position and orientation of spatial coordinates for computer-aided design. Such transformations have come through many invention efforts. Traverse computations from a transit, for example, have become digital and today’s surveyor can obtain horizontal coordinates from a single automatic level reading.

Plane-table surveying techniques—indispensable in the construction of earthworks for roads and runways during the World War II years —have been resurrected to provide relatively low-cost solutions for constructing road projects away from instrumented sites. Today, a relatively high level of accuracy can be achieved with survey-grade GPS receivers that provide horizontal coordinates within centimeters and altitudes above mean sea level to within millimeters or inches. We at the Homework Market  Help Desk, we help our clients who might be having difficulties with some of their computations.

Tools Used in Surveying

Total stations

GPS receivers

Dumpy levels

Digital levels

Radio communicators

3D scanners

Prisms etc.

Where can I get surveying help online?

There are various online surveying help resources. For example, they can be found on forums, and websites that contain typically questions and answers, etc. The reason why this type of resource is useful is because you can get an answer really fast and easily. Moreover, in many cases, these types of resources are free to use. The disadvantage is that you won’t have any customer support.

In the case of forums, there is no doubt that this is a great and useful forum resource. However, in my opinion, it wouldn’t be too practical because you may need to spend some time finding the right information from all the responses provided by other users. It would take more effort to find an answer than using just a simple Google search. Is it for this reason that we propose that you reach out to the Homework Market Help desk which will guide you in all your surveying needs and assignments?

Surveying Assignment Help: Why Students Need Help

The Assignments Are Challenging

There are various reasons why students may seek surveying assignment help services. There are various instances where students have faced challenges in solving basic surveying computations. When some instances arise, it is always recommended that they seek academic help from qualified tutors.

Develop Professional Skills.

Most surveying students seek help so that they can be able to develop their professional skills. This may include performing basic leveling calculations to complex mathematical computations touching on the surveying field. They hence require expert guidance so that they can efficiently get around CIPD Assignments. At the Homework Market help desk, we provide the students with proper guidance which will help them handle their Surveying Assignments with ease.

Good Grades

Are you worried about your grades? Worry no more. The Homework Market Help Desk helps students acquire excellent grades in their academics. We provide the best surveying assignment help services to our esteemed clients. Our chief aim is to come up with a platform for students to excel in their studies.

When Overwhelmed by Other Assignments.

There are instances where students have too many assignments at a go. It therefore becomes difficult for them to manage all the tasks by themselves. They hence tend to seek online surveying help so that they get some relief of. It will not be a loss when you entrust us with your surveying homework assignments. The main goal is to get the best grades and we at Homework Market Help are here to help.

The Areas We Cover in Surveying Assignment Help

  • Leveling

At the Homework Market Help, we help in leveling calculations. We aid in measuring the level difference of height between two points.

  • Surveying Measurements and its corrections.

We help in the calculations of the surveying measurements and applying the relevant corrections. At Homework Market Help, we help in the determination of distances, angles, and bearings.

  • Tachometry

The surveying approach is applied in denoting the procedure for obtaining horizontal distances as well as differences in elevation through indirect methods, which are mainly based on the optical geometry of the instruments employed.

  • Photogrammetry

We at the Homework Market Help, help you obtain reliable measurements from the provided photographs.

  • Complex circular curve with transition.

We help you in calculating the circular curves computations i.e. both the vertical and the horizontal curves. We also help in determining the intersection points of both the straight lines and arcs.

Other areas covered in surveying assignment help include:

Survey Measurement Tape Corrections.

Evaluating Equations and Combining Terms.

Trigonometric Functions.

Introduction to setting out techniques and instrumentation.

Deformation monitoring of a local dam.

Traverse Computation.

Area & Volume Calculation.

Important Conversions in Surveying.

Significant Figures.

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